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Business Associate

A Business Associate (BA) is a Channel Partner, who is a layer up from Loan Service Advisor (LSA) as far as business desires and obligations and in this way entitled for liberal edges and some incidental advantages.

Who can be a BA?

An individual or a business element having some fundamental comprehension or enthusiasm for managing in items dispersed by LOANNEST FINCORP can be a BA. A forthcoming BA must have the readiness and energy to perform and add to understanding the vision of the organization.

How can one become a BA?

One can apply by contacting the LOANNEST Team and completing the documentary formalities and depositing a one-time non-refundable registration amount of Rs 300/- (rupees three hundred only). You are required to submit application form (attached) with a proof of address and recent passport sized photograph. The enrolment form is attached for your convenience.

What will be the job and obligation of a BA?

 BA will:

Distinguish the extension and potential in the market it is working. 

Advance different administrations and item offering for benefit on LOANNEST FINCORP

Create leads and offer the total subtleties with the salesman utilized by LNFC. 

Will finish every one of the stages and customs as coordinated by LNFC. 

Unveil individual subtleties to the possibilities and clients it is serving or plans to serve.

Not give any data that misinforms, befuddles or is bogus to the possibilities and clients. 

Complete the customs in the way wanted and coordinated by LNFC consistently. 

Not give and think about fragmented data. 

Not consider cases that can unfavorably influence the picture and working of LNFC and its collusions or partners. 

Not acknowledge cash from the possibility or client in any structure without earlier authorization and composed endorsement from LNFC. 

Will advise in regards to the new case to assigned agent of LNFC inside 24 hours of finishing the conventions like topping off of the structure and gathering important archives from the candidate. 

NOT arrange or enter in to agreement or concurrence in the interest of LNFC.   

What are the advantages for a BA?

BA will get the accompanying advantages:  

Shrewd acquiring as far as commissions.

Possess business. 

Being a piece of a promising and high-potential money related industry.

You can seek after your own business or employment alongside being a BA according to the understanding entered with LOANNEST FINCORP. 

Chance to set up new contacts that can be a wellspring of long lasting pay. 

No time imperatives. 

Acknowledgment as a Channel Partner of a National Loan Distribution House.


Dissimilar to LSA, BA can get leads from the organization subject to conditions

Deals support from the organization. 

Worthwhile piece insightful motivations.

Will I get a few advantages on the off chance that I suggest a Business Associate?  

There is fiscal referral advantage related with such proposals if the lead gave by you develops into a functioning Channel Partner and every essential term of organization are satisfied.        

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